Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 wishes

Today is 11-11-11. Wish all u readers 11 wishes:
  1. LOVE
  2. SMILE
  7. LUCK
  9. JOY
For those who celebrate birthday today, wish you health and a very long extended life.

For those got got married and those who celebrate anniversaries today, wish you all joy and happiness together.

And the very best wishes of luck to everyone else throughout the world.

With Lots of  Love,
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Buang tebiat

I was cleaning my drawer last weekend. I found my old stuffs. Then, self-photo-shooting began...

When I was still in primary&secondary-school, I like to buy stuffs from a cataloge. The shades from the above photos are some of it. The catalog normally sells girly stuffs like makeups, hair accessories, cheap necklaces, rings and bracelets and the most hot-wanted items are fancy name stickers/name cards. I think I still have those name cards, I need to dig further more in my old treasure trove.

Wait for next post...more old stuffs to come..

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I love good news...

It's a double congratulations news...

Last Sunday, me and my fiance went for a dinner with my sister after evening mass. It's raining in the evening, so we thought there's no other lepak place; either find a covered place or just went straight home. Then, fiance said, 'why don't we go visit rapih and boy?'. It's been a while since Jennifer (rapih) and Kenneth (boy) around town, yet we could not find a time to meet-up with them. 'Yeah, why not', my sister and I agreed. So, after finished our dinner, we stop by at the old-sing-kwong area to buy some beer. ya lah, tak kn nak datang visit dgn tangan kosong kn?...of course, before that we called Kenneth to make sure they're home and to get their home address..

As we arrived at Tmn Li Hua, we were greeted by two cute little fella, goofy and apple... haaa... they were so naughty...jumping and running here and there..  and I only manage to capture...
It's goofy!!!
Isn't he photogenic?? haha..gambar tuan nya sik di ambik...terlalu khusyuk layan apple and goofy, I forgot to take apple's photo..lalalala..forgive me, y'all...

Kenneth served us the beer we brought and Jennifer made some hot tea for our side drinks... and fiance asked Kenneth, 'why only four of us drink the beer? what about rapih?'...everyone knows that Jennifer never declines alcohol especially when gathering with friends. My sister and I also, just realize Jen only drinks tea. 'Nahh, I cannot drink beer...I cannot take any alcohol...cuti-alcohol for a while', Jen said. 'Why? Are you sick or you're pregnant?', fiance asked again. 'Yes, I'm pregnant', Jen replied. And the three of us was like...'What?? Really??'.. Kenneth confirms his wife is on her 3rd month pregnancy....and they shared their first pregnancy-discovery-experience. The three of us only listens while still picking-up with the new-exciting-news.

Apple and Goofy was playing around while we were chit-chatting, and Jen & Kenneth would mention a few stories about how playful the dogs are.. Up to one point my fiance asked, 'Can I book one of your puppies when Apple got pregnant one day?'. Jen replied, 'She is pregnant, her belly is a bit bigger?'. 'Really? I thought she's still young?', again my fiance asked in disbelief. 'Yeah, I never thought she would got pregnant that fast too. She is still 8 month old and she's just having her first period.', Jen replied. Our eyes, rounded as the three of us turn our eyes towards innocent-looked-Goofy. 'Nahh, Goofy, you cannot being naughty anymore, you're going to be a father soon', my fiance tells goofy *ckp dgn goofy, mcm la goofy paham :p*. We were unlucky since the future-poodle-puppies have been fully-booked by Jen's aunties. Unless, Goofy fathered many puppies at one time, but the possibility is quite low since Apple is quite young...well, i guess so lah...

So, we continued chit-chatting and laughing till mid-night. Anyway, it's holiday on the next day so we don't really rush home. As we finished the drinks, My sister, my fiance and I says goodbye to two mothers-and-fathers-to be. As I got home, I told my sister, we would not know all the good news if we did not visit them that night. Jen and Kenneth don't really mention about Jen's pregnancy in Facebook. We're really glad we made that visit and got surprises by these two pregnancy news.

Congratulations to mommas-to-be, Jennifer Rafaeh and Apple...and well done to poppas-to-be, Kenneth Jenner and Goffy... haha!

p/s: As much as I love double good news... I love McDonald's Double Cheese Burger... ! Double! Double! Double all the good things!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nursing Baby Tutorial

For y'all who's goin' to have a baby or planning to have a baby...

Click image for larger view

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Do U Expect?

Do u really think people really Laugh Out Loud when they type LOL?

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