Thursday, June 24, 2010


Mad! mad! mad! I am really madly...angry...and p****d off with stup** red-butt baboon!

How dare you red-butt baboon! how dare u go and meet M&M after what you have done to them!

Hey I don't care how'd ya know about M&M...You don't deserve them!NO! Neva Evaaa!

Shame on you if you ask for that lil' guy to call u pa!
Shame on you if you want to make them yours!
Shame on you on what you have done...!
Shame on you on everything you do and will do!

Ooo...H*** yeah....I hope that Baboon would read this! I hope everyone would read this...spread it...and tell it to red-butt baboon. Let that baboon know about this post!

And oh...babun! if you thought that I have no right to say what ever I have mentioned here or everything that I thought about you...then THINK back...who the f****** h*** are you??!

If you think you are 'someone' to M&M...then BE LIKE ONE! If you are nobody...then act like you are NOBODY! If you don't care about them...just STAY AWAY from them!



If I ever heard you hurt both M&M more and action shall be place upon you...yeaa..I will make sure that...if you don't know (you probably lack of education)...we have lots of woman's right association now! so DONE YOU DARE!

Go back and watch Cartoon Network, you baboon...'D'!

p/s - I AM WEASEL...the intelligent :p

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Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Lovin' it

I love.....

...the feeling when I wake up in the morning thinking that I will be getting on a plane for a vacation...

...waking up late in the morning and smiles because i can continue to sleep all day long...

...the feeling when i go shopping and don't have to worry about debts...

...the feeling of uploading new picture in facebook that looks really cool and everyone 'likes' it...

...when i woke up on weekends and all house-cores has been done the day before... and eat without having to worry about getting on weight...

...the feeling of getting everything I wanted when I'm sick...

...the feeling that arises in me from the scent of roses...

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Friday, June 11, 2010

I really love these two guys...haha!

Moymoy Palaboy on the go...again...

Remember my previous post about these two guys, who got famous in Philippines through their lip sync video in YouTube? Here's the link from my previous post.

OK, now here's more from post, new song, new location, more people and costumes...

One Time...

with dancers *probably their friends/fans* Meet Me Halfway

ahh..don't skip it till the end of the vid...Empire State of Mind

This one is my favourite...totally hillarious...Bad Romance...

but still...their vid Volare is my all time fav...

Haha...ok, there's more in YouTube...haha...just search for moymoy palaboy..haha..ENJOY their vid...haha *laughing and rolling*...*and keep laughing and rolling* =))))

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Morning blues Monday....

I woke up early this morning, feeling empty...I stared at the ceiling fan, tried to follow the spinning paddles but a few minutes later, I started feeling dizzy. I closed my eyes and thought "what am i doing?~*sigh*". Slowly, I open back my eyes and get off my bed. Lazily, I walk into the living room and towards the window.

I looked through the window, stared at other people's house roof. Oh.. by the way I lived in first floor of a terrace town house in a hilly housing's kinda hard in describing my house, so I'll just stop here. Ahh, it's the blues. It always happens to me, especially after a long happy holiday with friends/family then suddenly I wake up and feeling lonely.

Here I am right now, back to this hectic city of KL...back to my working life... Again, I closed my eyes..feels like I still can hear the laugh of my little cousins..asking this and that...wanna go here, wanna go there...lets play this..lets play that... then, the faces of my family popped in my head, one by one - my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and their little ones... but when I opened my eyes, it's all gone... A sudden pain struck my heart.. ohh~ how I really missed them...

I took a deep breath...put myself back together...and said to myself... "Don't worry, will see them again soon...". Smiling, I bring myself to the bathroom and again thought to myself, "yeah...real soon.."

Time...let's fly fast... :)

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