Thursday, December 30, 2010

ohh... Medicine

People said..... Laughter is the best medicine... It can heal all kind of sickness and sadness... but I think, in my case... I need medicine to make me laugh........normally.....again

need to divide the tablet into two so it become smaller and able to get through my throat :p

I hate medicine....really really hate medicine... because I can't and I really don't know how to swallow it. It always got stuck in my throat and then I would feel like to vomit...not only because of the bitter taste, it's mostly because it got stuck in my throat... I don't know why... does my throat smaller than anyone else's throat?? gosh! hate it!

As you can see from the above pictures.... well, that's my medicine...can you count how many of 'em? I need to eat all 12 of 'em every morning + 1 more big medicine every 4hours a day(need to be divided into 4  smaller pieces :p)...a really big one! (T.T')

It was my first day of consuming those medicine. I saw a pot of hot tea on our dining table. I took a glass and fill in the tea. I took out all of my medicine when grandpa came into the dining area. He  seems to knew  what was on my mind, so he warned me not to eat my medicine with the tea. With a sad face, I put down the glass of tea and took another glass of plain water. A while later, grandma came over to dining table. She told me how I should eat the medicine...and share how grandma ate her medicine. :'(

Not long after that, mom came to join us at the dining table. Looking at the glass of tea which is still near me, mom immediately warned me not to eat medicine with tea. I did not bother to ask why medicine should not be eaten with tea. I was so busy showing my sad face trying to say that I need other than plain water to finish those 12 tablets. After seeing me tortured and struggling so hard to eat my medicine with plain water...then only mom allow me make Milo to reduce the bitter taste of medicine... :p (finally)

Even with my favorite Milo, I spent more than one hour to finish my medicine (bluerkk). Each and everyone at the dining table stare at me to make sure I finish all those 12 tablets :(. I had to listen to their complaints, teased, and laughed about the way I take my medicine. (T.T)

I said to myself ~ thank goodness my sister wasn't there to witness me take my medicine...otherwise she will be rolling on the floor laughing at me...huhh..- my #1 teaser... :p

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cannot Smile Disease


I simply named it cannot smile disease...because one major issues I need to bear with these disease is  the difficulty to smile and laugh :(

Mom told me to do some internet search about Bell's palsy... I have done my homework; here it goes:

  • facial nerve paralysis which causes an inability to control facial muscles on the side affected by this disease. 
  • usually temporary.
  • Several conditions can cause paralysis of the face: brain cancer, meningitis,stroke, diabetes mellitus, head trauma and Lyme disease. But if no cause can be identified, this condition known as Bell's palsy.
  • It is thought that an inflammatory condition leads to swelling of the facial nerve. The nerve travels through the skull in a narrow bone canal beneath the ear. Nerve swelling and compression in the narrow bone canal are thought to lead to nerve inhibition, damage or death. No readily identifiable cause for Bell's palsy has been found.

    • form of disease associated with nerve damage. It can be found in 2 of 10,000 people. 
    • Involves damage to the 7th facial nerve. 
    • main reason is still unclear though may be due to herpes infection.
    • Studies suggest that this new activation could be preceded by trauma, environmental factors, and metabolic or emotional disorders, thus suggesting that stress - emotional stress, environmental stress (e.g. cold), physical stress (e.g. trauma) - in short, a host of different conditions, may trigger reactivation.

    • Changes in face expression
    • Difficulty to eat and drink
    • Weak eyelid or corner of the mouth
    • Dry eyes or mouth
    • A sense of tension in your face or feel drawn to one side
    • Facial paralysis on one side which makes it difficult to close one eye
    • Headache
    • Loss of sensation
    • Pain behind or in front of the ear
    • Sensitivity to sounds in the affected areas suffer from
    • Weak feeling in the face  
    • Often the eye in the affected side cannot be closed. The eye must be protected from drying up, or the cornea may be permanently damaged resulting in impaired vision.

    • In many cases, no treatment is required. The aim of treatment is to reduce symptoms. 
    • Corticosteroid or antiviral medications may reduce swelling and reduce pressure on the facial nerve. Patients must take this drug at the beginning of time (preferably within 24 hours of when symptoms start) for the better. But there are no published studies that show antiviral drugs can speed the process of recovery from Bell's palsy. 
    • Surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve is still controversial and has not been shown to benefit patients with Bell's Palsy. 

    Information source:

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    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    My Christmas Story......

    Chivas Christmas???

    nahhhh.... Sorry all... this year, I'm clean from these kind of drinks

    Let the story begins

    the one that I drink is pure coke actually..LOL!


    24th... A day before Christmas:

    While having breakfast...
    Me: Is it just me? or does the food tasteless?
    BF: Maybe the food...
    Me: Hmmm...

    My BF is a 'masin' type of to explain this.. He is the type of person who prefer salty and spicy food (e.g: ikan masin) rather than sweet or sour type of food...

    Then, alone at McDonalds LCCT... after a tiring-heavy-bag check-in and shopping one bag full of Gardenia buns in a hot weather... I ordered Mcfizz and Twisted Fries while waiting to get on board...and..while eating...

    Me: *Wow! It's me... McDonald's Fries can't be tasteless...My sense of taste seems malfunctioning*

    FYI, I was talking in my thought... (not speaking to myself or anyone)...

    Arrived at Bintulu Airport at 4 p.m...drop by to buy some stuff at some D.I.Y shop in Medan Jaya... then reached home at 6 p.m... Unpacked everything that I brought from KL...After that, Prepare myself for Christmas Eve mass at Stella Maris Church.

    On Christmas Day... 

    My family and I were on our way home after morning Christmas Mass... As usual, miss cam-whore would took photos of her own anywhere she wanted :p... (took my Christmas look in mom's car)... only to realize some weird feelings on my left-side cheek...feel sore, numb or something... I told my sister

    Me: Eeii...why ooo... I cannot smile properly... look at me...
    I put on smile face once my sister look at me...
    Sis: why is that? You ask mummy la...

    then, I simply ignore it...thinking it probably just for a while

    In the evening... my left-side face feel weirder... Mom, sister and I were cleaning the living room after guests visited for Christmas, when I speak to my mom..

    Me: Mummy, why face feel weird...feel numb... I can't smile properly...look... ( I showed mom my weird smiley face)...see..I cannot stretch my left-side cheek...
    Mom: Naaah... (she keep complaining about me getting on weight since yesterday)... Maybe it's because you didn't control your food consumption... Did you eat lots of meat??
    Me: ermmm...(making innocent face)... mmmm...maayyyybeee....
    Mom: Lay down on the sofa, let me check you first...
    Mommy took her....edometer,odometer,nanometer...what-ever-that-thing name is... some electronic device to check blood pressure...I was like...hahhh? symptom mau stroke kah?? I'm too young to get stroke..!
    Mommy check me....then
    Mom: eik...what happen to this thing...rosak kah?
    Me: ...(freak face + sweating)...
    Mommy check again...then...
    Mom: normal jak pun...your blood pressure...
    Mom: Maybe you're just too tired...go take some rest first... and reduce eating meat, if possible don't eat more stewed vegetables...

    I manage to take my short nap...until our neighbour came...then, continue layan tetamu...

    Later that evening... since, no more guest coming to our house..we decided to go ngabang (visiting)... at our TV area...

    Me: Ciela, look at my eyes... (I blink my eyes)... I cannot close my left eye...
    Sis: eii...why like that? show to mummy la...
    I went to see mummy...
    Me: Mummy... mummy... look at my eyes... (I blink again)...
    Mom: What happen to you?
    Me: left face misfunction...
    Mom: Want to go to hospital?
    Me: ...(geleng kepala)...
    Mom: It's late already...I doubt there's doctor available at hospital at this hour... perhaps go to clinic...
    Me: ...(making sad face)...
    Mom: Let me massage your face first... what is happening to you?
    Me:...(masih muka sedih...manja la pulak di massage :p)...

    After a while...granny came to tv area...

    Granny: what happen?
    Mom: Her left face...feel numb...nahh..let granny massage for you...
    Me:... (bermanja dgn granny pula)...

    Granny massage me sambil babbling about massage, angin, minyak urut and complimenting a women who used to massage her... Then, daddy finished his bath...and they all went out for ngabang...leaving me and granny behind... :(

    After a while...I told granny about my left-side face... showed to her how I cannot blink my left-side eye..cannot stretch my left-side cheek...cannot smile properly... then, granny thought I might need a back massage... me apa lagi...offer blkg la.. hikhikhik..bila lg mau bermanja begini kn? :p

    When mom, dad, sister and brother got back from ngabang... granny and I already lanuk-lanuk(doze-off) dpn tv..

    Mom: Tomorrow morning la we go to hospital...go sleep early...
    Me: ok....

    Back in my room (I'm sharing room with my sister)..I kept babbling to my sister about being paralyze, becoming disabled person and about getting an OKU id.. (T.T)'s just me being paranoid...

    A day after Christmas...
    After breakfast, Mom brought me to hospital... while having breakfast, I told her, I cannot drink properly.. I cannot hold lots of water in my mouth... It would spurt/drip out of my mouth... On our way to hospital, it thought about chikungunya bite that can cause dysfunctional in nerves system. :p

    After registration, we were told by the staff nurse in-charged at the counter to wait because Mr. Doctor went out for a while. Since mom work at the hospital, so she knew the staff nurse... Mom told the nurse about my condition, so the nurse checked my blood pressure (she also probably thought I'm having HBP)..the result turns out normal.. After a mean while, the doctor came...

    Mom: Doctor..why daughter, cannot move one side of her face.. what cause it aaa..? her left eye cannot blink together with her right eye... when she smile also the left-side of her face didn't move..
    Doc A: Oh, it sounds like a symptom of Bell's Parsy
    Me; *bells...what??* (I imagined about Christmas bells already)
    Doc A: Can you smile for me...
    Me: (making smile face...then, blinking my eyes)
    Doc A: Can you do this? (enlarge his cheek while holding air in his mouth) 
    Me: (trying hard to hold air in my mouth but failed)
    Doc A: Yes, it's Bell's Parsy...
    Me:...*waa...hebat...immediately know disease name*...
    Mom: What is that doctor?
    Doc A: It is cause by a virus infection...and cause swollen at the nerves that connect to one side of her face. I'm going to give her antivirus (that's what I hear at the first place...actually, it's anti-viral)
    Me: ... (antivirus? ~ thinking about kaspersky.. LOL! :p)
    Doc A: She will need to do follow-up regularly...
    Mom: ..but, she's currently on holiday. She will return back to kl on 5th of January
    Doc A: In that case, we will need to contact hospital in KL so she can do follow-up over there. (wrote that is diagnosis sheet)
    Me:...*hospital....(T.T')* ...
    Doc A: (inform my mom) You need to bring her to emergency ward for further diagnosis and medical advice

    On our way to emergency ward...

    Mom: What is the nearest hospital near your place?
    Me: erm..serdang hospital...? it's near to my office..

    At emergency ward...since mommy knew everyone in the hospital...I don't have to wait too long to meet medical assistant..
    (sorry, this is not injustice or what ever kind of bias happening here's just that, my mom has the accessibility to go anywhere in the hospital, since she's one of the staff :D...If you want to have this benefit, marry a nurse! or become a nurse yourself :p)

    Nurse: Can I see you smile?
    Me:...(making my tired smile face again)

    My mom inform her the same information she gave previous doctor, about my condition...and she tries to read the doctor's handwriting on the diagnoses sheet..
    When she get to know I need to return back to KL on 5th of January... She makes a phone call to another doctor who is going to give me prescription later..

    Nurse: Doctor, one of our sister's daughter here was diagnosed to have Bell's Parsy. She's on holiday right now, but need to return back to Kl on 5th January
    Doc B:..(can't hear what she speaks on the phone :p)
    Nurse: (asked towards me and mom) Do you want to admit?
    Me: *what??? admit into hospital? that bad??*
    Mom: (look at my blurred face..then turned to nurse)...Is it necessary?
    Nurse: Sister asked if it's necessary to admit her daughter...otherwise we can just give advise..
    Doc B:... (informed something)
    Nurse: We don't know what is the possibility of  this dissease to heal...we probably need to do blood check or scan or something...
    Mom: (look at me again)
    Me: (look at mom)...Is it necessary???...(giving a don't-want-to-admit-to-hospital-kind-of-face)
    Mom: (turn to nurse again)...Try ask the doctor, is it necessary? If not, then no need to admit la...
    Nurse: (inform the same thing to doctor through phone...then hang up)... Doctor will come down in a short while, you two can sit and wait here for a while lah aa..

    Mom and I sit at two empty chair near nurses counter...

    Mom: Later, you search in internet about Bell's Parcy...we need to know more about this...
    Me: ok...and what's my diseases name again? bells pulse? (trying to read Doc A's handwriting ~ but still cannot guess :p)

    Another male medical assistant came...he and the girl nurse discuss about me again...then turn to me asking...

    Nurse B: Can you smile for me please...
    Me: (give my tired smile face)
    Nurse B: It's ok....You're still beautiful..
    Me:...hmmmphh...(mcm pelik je compliment tue)

    A few while later, a lady doctor came....

    Diagnosed my face and asking me a few questions...

    Doc B: Bila jadi ni?
    Me: ermm...actually.. dari semalam lg ni...start dari lidah...makanan rasa tawar..then, ia mcm merebak jadi sukar nak senyum...pipi ni tak naik..then, naik ke mata, tak boleh nk blink mata sebelah ni..
    Doc B: Cuba buat macam ni... (muka mengembangkan pipi)
    Me:... (cuba nak tahan angin dalam mulut tapi tak leh...angin terkeluar-keluar...mcm belon bocor :p)..
    Doc B: Cuba kerut naik dahi...?
    Me: (angkat kening..wah...boleh!)
    Doc B: kalau blh angkat kening, makne nye saraf yang bengkak tu ade kat saraf motor yang kontrol bahagian muka je..kalau tak boleh angkat kening, makna nya swollen kat bahagian otak.
    Me: ..(Mata bulat..mau pengsan)... (x_x')
    Doc B: Still kena buat follow-up juga... tapi tak apa..nanti kita akan contact hospital di KL so boleh continue treatment kat sana.
    Mom: Is it possible to heal doctor?
    Doc B: It is possible to return back to normal state..which means she can move her left-side face again...but there's also possibility for it to occur again...depending on the patient, the healing process might require some time. Normally 10 days...The quickest can heal almost immediately..but some patient might need longer time.
    Mom: What cause it to happen?
    Doc B: There's no particular cause that makes Bell's Palsy to occur..could be occur due to so many factors.. Bell's Palsy however is still a hypothesis which still require further research.

    Then the doctor gave me my prescription
    1. Prednisolone 5mg
    2. Acyclovir 800mg (this medicine requires boss of Doctor's approval...some conditions does not require this)
    3. Dacrolux (for my unable-to-blink-left-side eye)

    *the conversation above is not exactly the same with actual live is based on some discussions which I can remember only...I could have misheard nor misunderstood some discussions :D*

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    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Henna-ing myself


    Here's what I did yesterday...

    Mr Moon - outer left leg

    outer right leg - hmm..sorry for the mess.. my 1st  henna design :D

    Ms Stary - inner left leg

    inner right leg

    on side of my knee - hehe..senget..

    actual shape in sit position


    and hey...that's me! ngeh-heh-heh..:D

    Design Idea...

    Mr Moon design...thanks to
    Ms Stary & Heart shape is my own ad-hoc idea ...  
    (sorry if it resembles your design, somehow..I have no intention to steal anyone's idea... it's just for my own designing practices..)

    The outcome...  (after wash)

    Left view

    right view

    orange...Mr Moon

    orange...Ms Stary lar..newly henna supposed to be in darker color

     Note to self:
    1. Leave henna longer for a darker color
    2. Prepare a firm design before applying henna
    3. reduce movement / don't touch after applying henna - just wait till it dry completely (i guess) :p

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    Friday, December 17, 2010

    I love you

    "You asked me whose life is more important? - yours or mine and I answered 'mine': you walked away angry not knowing that you are my life.."

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    Wednesday, December 15, 2010

    Who want to win a free trip to UK to watch Live Premier League match? Just play this fun online game.

    Join the referee camp and play these fun games to win once in a lifetime experience to watch a Premier League match in UK. Not only that, but you may also win yourself free accommodations in Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Danga Bay at Tune Hotels!

    Invite your friends to have more chances to play!

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    Photoaward 2011

    Kuala Lumpur International Photoaward 2011 is calling for entries.

    This year, they collaborate with Anti-Slavery International

    This year, the theme for Potrait Story category is INTERCULTURALISM
    "Modern day slavery continues in many forms across the globe, like human traficking, forced prostitution ant the worst kinds of child labour, deriving from discrimination, poverty, global inequality and human greed" -KLPA 2011

    Interested? submit your entry before

    Closing date: 20 March 2011

    more info in terms and conditions visit their website

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    Saturday, December 4, 2010

    I about you?

    Setelah sekian lama aku bercuti dari berfacebook...akhirnya aku kembali ke dunia facebook demi menyokong laman gosip artis

    Dan lagi...ada can menang iPad yoo...menipu la kalo kata tak nak iPad kan...kalo dia bagi hadiah iPhone 4 lagi aku sanggup hantar 3 4 5 kali undian...hikhikhik

    Brani nak kata aku undi sebab nak hadiah semata2?? Mari sini tunjuk muka kaw!

    Kalu laman lain ada prepare hadiah pun..aku still undi Murai...pasal apa? Sebab aku tak tahu laman lain ada kasi hadiah...pasal apa aku tak tahu? Sebab aku tak baca laman lain la....*haha ada murai tak mulut aku?*

    Dan.....kalo betul Murai menang...Murai kena berterima kasih kat Maxis Broadband juga la...sebab MB la yang me-link aku dgn Murai...asal connect dengan MB ja aku trus boleh baca gosip artis...dari situ la aku tau perkembangan dunia2 artis..kalo tak..mana aku tau apa jadi kt dunia luar tu...

    Apa pun...bagi aku...Murai memang, apa kata Murai bagi aku menang...sebab aku pun hawt (hot) mcm gosip2 Murai...hahah!

    apa kata korang?
    come join the vote at MURAI.COM.MY

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    Thursday, December 2, 2010

    think once...think twice...think thrice...think fourice????

    Fourice??? does the word exists??? :-/

    I miss papa... :(
    Should I or shouldn't I?
    To go or not to go back......?


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    Monday, November 29, 2010

    Stripes and Dots...

    Hello friends...

    My next nail art designs...

    Dots and stripes

    closer view

    I use:
    1. CP Trendies Base Coat
    2. CP Trendies Top Coat
    3. CP Trendies No.87
    4. CP Trendies No.119
    5. Brush No.2

    Messy...still learning free hand paintings...hehe

    That's all...muahhzzz!

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    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Today's update

    I'm on my way to Kuala Terengganu....Will be there for 3 weeks..

    BTW.. I update my looks for christmas..jeng jeng jeng...straight short hair

    Yesterday....the poodle

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