Friday, April 25, 2014

I Am A Fan Of Korean Alien 2014

Yes, I am one of the millions fan of the famous Korean drama 'My Love From The Star' (also known as 'You Who Came From Star')

credit: photo via google search
This drama has invaded my mind for months already. My enthusiast-after-effect from watching this drama is still high that it planted the needs for me to mention this drama in my blog. In Malaysia, the drama was aired on ONETVASIA (Astro Ch.393). Since the episode aired was later than the SBS airtime, I followed this drama updates online via DramaGO.

"my shoes and our like my shoes don't you"-Cheon Song Yi.
**Note: Shoes by Jimmy Choo.
The drama after-effect was said had ruined some of the fans' lives and relationship, especially in China [reference here]. If you don't know and really wanted to know why this drama makes people go crazy, you really have to watch it yourself then only you could understand. I made my mom watched this drama along with me during the two-days-drama-marathon aired by ONETVASIA and she too got invaded by the 'alien' after following a few episodes mwahhahahaaa...*evil laugh*.

It really surprised me when my mom suddenly asked : "What if an alien just really live among us just like that (refering to Do Min Joon)". I was stunned for a moment and then burst to laugh. You're awesome mom. I never thought of that. So, I googled and found this:

If you happened to encountered an alien, ask this. LOL
Once you are certain he's an alien. The touch. LOL

My reason for the craze???

Of course the awesome act bought by the actors and actresses involved in this drama, including the antagonist character. I like SongYi(Gianna Jun) fun character and her fashion the most. Manager Do (Kim Soo Hyun) and his cool superpower. I also think JaeKyung (Shin Sung Rok) villain character is awesome.

his psycho-ness really scary
His warning when he plans to kill 'you'.
 Next is this 'most girls' dream dressing room:
large closet just to store clothes, bags, shoes and accessories!
Cheon Song Yi's fashion:

and more....

Funny moments:

Do Min Joon....Kim Soo Hyun ;)

Truthfully, I began google-ing KSH quite a lot after that :p

Finally, the OST:

My Love From Star Playlist

If you planned to watch this, my advise is watch responsibly and prepare for the after-effect. LOL. Well, that's all for now. I hope I won't annoy anyone too much :p

If I do annoy someone :p
Gotta go. Annyong!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Transformation?

Just a plan...

Require ideas for blog transformation.

Let's wait till the bulb lights up... :)

Will be back again soon!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sorry, my lonely blog


Oh wow... I did came visit my own blog for a few times but didn't manage to post something until today... How long has it been? Nearly 2 years? Hell yeah.. I do have so many things to write, but my fingers are just too lazy to dance on the keyboard... To make it worse, the existence of many kinds of social media makes me lazier to keep updating this blogs.

I wonder if any of my friends still do personal blogs nowadays. Years back before Facebook became famous, a lot of people do personal blogs (yeah, that includes me). Expressing their feelings, complaining, sharing photos, videos, songs, link exchange and whatever they did on Facebook now... The best part during blog days was everyone shows their own skills in web/page customization, keep changing page skin/template to make it became more attractive and fun as if there was a blog beauty contest. Yeah, it was fun back then (well, atleast fun for me :p)

Ever since Facebook became so famous, I can't really recall when exactly...but I, myself signed up in Facebook since year 2008. Just like me, people became lazier to blog. Perhaps because Facebook offers simplicity via status updates. Twitter does too, except that Twitter has characters limit. Then, came Instagram. It attracts people with it's instant photo capture with it's own instant filters what-so-ever... They are so damn great and easy, people really could just forget Blogger! (and damn, that includes me too!)

Having this so-easy-and-everybody-use-this social media has it's own consequences too. This lately, I began to realize that people are starting to feel annoyed with other people's Facebook updates. Why is that? People starting to warn each other (with or without that other person know they are being warned -- I found this funny) that they are going to unfriend  that other person if they keep posting annoying updates. Ah! 'UNFRIEND' a modern word. Funny, not becoming friend nowadays become easier. Simply because they dislike that other person's updates showed on their own News Feed in Facebook people simply unfriend each other. It is more hilarious, two or more people are friends in whatever social media they're on, yet they completely ignore and pretended not know each other in real life. AWKWARD!

*tired now* ....and... Here I am, complaining about people in social media nowadays. Let's just think about it. Why would you feel annoyed on other people's update. If you don't like their status just don't read it. If you dislike their photos just ignore it. There is no need to update your own status saying you feel annoyed on other people's update. There is a setting prepared by these social media where you can filter what ever post showed on your news feed. What I'm saying is, why in the first place did you accept friend request if you're going to unfriend them later on.

I have a lot more thoughts than words about this social-media-and-people-stuff, I just feel tired to keep on typing. Just hope that I would keep updating my blog some other time.

credit: photo via google search

That's for now. Till we meet again...