Lady EtheL

I bet y'all already read About Me page. This page describe more about my blogging life.

I started blogging in May 2008. During an English Class with Mr Mus, we (me and my classmates)  were suggested to create our own blog and then express our own thought in it. I kinda get used to blogging real fast since I had a lot of things lingered in my mind during that time. A lot of things happened back then; heart issues, love blooms, new friends, job and many more. The past 2 years was a major life change for me. I got exposed to the real(tough) life, working life, a change from relying on parents economically into self-economic. Some part of my life story has been embedded in this blog and others are better kept in  memory.

My blog pen name: JoEtheL  is a combination of my real name and then shortened to joethel...nak kasi glemer sket :p. I choose Lady EtheL as my blog title. Lady, besides indicate that I'm a girl :p, Lady Ethel exposed a little girl's struggle into becoming a better woman...a real lady. Well, of course not everything will be shared...that's why only part of my name showed there. :p teeheheee *awkward confession indeed*

Whenever I blog, I normally put 99% concentration on my writing. Once I got distracted by anything else, all the ideas in my mind would be gone. Sometimes, it will take me quite some time to finish one post *I don't know why..maybe because I think too much*. When I get emotional, I tend to write poetically...then there comes a poem *serangan penyakit jiwang mode :p*... but I didn't get to finish all poem all the time because I will end up doze-off most of the time *tahap jiwang gaban*.

Want to know more? Read my blog post.
I see...I hear...I feel...I think...therefore I  blog.... ~ JoEtheL

[The purpose of this page is none other but a brief information that you, my friend should know about me... So that, when you met me you will know what I like and don't do what I dislike. However, this page will be updated from time to time to sync with my current progress :p. So, keep visiting ]