Thursday, March 31, 2011


zizan raja lawak feat dina-selamat tinggal

Selamat tinggal kawanku
Tak mudah aku pergi
Bila wajahmu
Sentiasa di hati ini

Dah memang
Bukan mudah untuk ku menerima hakikat
Dalam hidup ini sentiasa ku tersekat
Apa yang ku harapkan
Kasih sayang yang suci murni
Tetapi semuanya hilang setelah kau pergi
Dulu hari-hari ku berwarna warni
Kini kian mendung
Ia tinggal satu memori
Jangan jangan lepaskan genggamanku ini
Hidupku hanya bermakna jika kau di sini

Mana janji mana erti
Kenapa gembiraku kini menjadi sepi
Musnah segala apa yang ku impikan
Tetapi ku tetap tabah
Kerana Tuhan yang menentukan

Kau tetap pergi apakan daya
Walaupun ku telah mencuba sedaya upaya
Ku harapkan ini sesuatu yang kekal
Namun ku terpaksa melepaskanmu baby
Selamat tinggal

Selamat tinggal kawanku
Tak mudah aku pergi
Bila wajahmu
Sentiasa di hati ini

Tiada ertinya kau tinggalkan aku
Sedangkan teramat ku mengasihi dirimu
Cuba ingat semua yang kita pernah lalui
Sayang bukalah fikiranmu kembali
Ku tak mahu hidup tanpamu di sisi
Hanya kau seorang yang pernah aku kasihi

Jangan pergi jangan pergi
Jangan tinggalkan aku begini
Jika aku yang engkau cintai
Kenapa semua ini
Kenapa semua ini
Mengapa semua ini
Jika aku yang kau cinta
Mengapa semua ini

Kenapa semua jadi begini
Kenapa mengapa
(jangan pergi, jangan pergi, jangan tinggalkan aku begini)

Selamat tinggal kawanku
(usah pergi)
Tak mudah aku pergi
(jangan biarkan ku menderita)
Bila wajahmu
Sentiasa di hati ini
(aku sentiasa di dalam dada kamu sayang)

Walau ku pergi sayangku
(usah pergi)
Dalam jiwaku ini
Kaulah cintaku yang kekal
Selamat tinggal
(jangan biarkan ku menderita disini, jangan biarkan ku terseksa disini sayang)

Selamat tinggal kawanku
(usah pergi)
Tak mudah aku pergi
Bila wajahmu sentiasa di hati ini
(aku sentiasa di dalam dada kamu sayang)

Walau ku pergi sayangku
(jangan pergi)
Dalam jiwaku ini
Kaulah cintaku yang kekal
Selamat tinggal
(aku menyintai dirimu sayang, jangan biarkan aku sendiri disini sayang)

Kaulah cintaku yang kekal
Selamat tinggal

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Monday, March 28, 2011

3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Ohh... geez... Sorry for the late update about this fiesta. This event happened a week ago. I wanted to post this entry earlier but it's kinda hard to find time to blog this lately. Well, I told sunnysideup that I will share my experience on this event. So, here we go.

Although this has been the third yearly event, however it was my first year attending this Hot Air Balloon Fiesta so I don't have any previous experience to compare with. I think, this year I was quite unfortunate that the event was held during rainy days. I was about to canceled my plan coming to this event. I don't really like going out during rainy days. Besides, I know the place would be very wet and dirty..but then, I still have to go out because I have to pick my foreign friend from a hotel near KLIA. Since Putrajaya was along the way, so I decided to bring our foreign friend visit the fiesta.

While looking for the location where the hot air balloon events was held, we pass the area where at first I thought there was a race going on...but actually, it was..erm.. I'm not sure what you call this.. car drag or drift??? Sorry, I'm no-good in this thing... what is the difference between drang and drift anyway? Well, what ever it is...let the pictures tell the story:

 And few videos too:


It's kinda freak me a little bit...because the surrounded area was opened and we were standing very close to the..emm.. can I call it..track?? I guess I watch too much of 'Seconds to Disaster' in AXN channel.

Then, we continue looking for the main attraction of the event; that is the Hot Air Balloon. It was already 6 p.m but we didn't see any balloons flying/floating anywhere in the sky. Well, based on what I read in the event's website, the balloon was supposed to begin it's flight (huh! is this the correct word?) at 6p.m. I thought, it was probably due to the bad weather, I doubt the balloon would float (erk..)

Since I have been to this place before, so I brought all these first timers (yeah, that includes my fiance too..he's never been here :p) visit the Monumen Alaf Baru. Then, we had a grab on free drinks from Mountain-Do-The-Dew booth..actually, the drinks was for promotion testing...and the tacos...I've been looking for the tacos everywhere in the supermarket since then, but couldn't find it...what's the name of the tacos anyway?

Then, finally.... the balloons.... again, let the photos continue the story:

Now, I wish there was no trees nor canopies interfere in my photos...or at least, let it be shorter (...or was it me that is short??? dang!)

The above photo would be more beautiful if there was no lamp post and trees interfering (...don't want to accept the fact that I'm not a good location-seeker-photographer LOL!)

With Mr.Argentino and my brother-in-law =D
Haa... It was quite a funny day out with this argentino guy... he don't speaks English very well, I don't know how my fiance still manage to communicate with him since my fiance don't speaks Spanish. It was sign language mix sound effects most of the time...other wise, buat-buat faham saja LOL! They both taught each other their own languages. That sounds good right? but actually I wasn't (well, for me)...because they taught each other some bad words..geez!

That evening, we came across one local guy (a stranger) wearing Argentina football shirt. Martin got so excited, maybe he was so proud people(a foreign for him) wearing his country's football shirt. Guess what, he went to greet that guy, shook his hands and introduced himself from Argentina :p.

Enough talking about that argentino guy :p... Continue with my main topic here. It was a good evening for us. Guess I was glad I did not canceled our plan coming to this event. I wish I could spend more time here in the fiesta, I heard at night they will light up the light in the balloon and play according to the music. Besides, a friend told me, there was fireworks launched in the sky of Putrajaya that night. So sad I missed that.

Of course there was a few things I wish I had and did more in this event. I made myself a note for next year event. Yes, I planned to come again next year...(If I'm still around KL next year ;p)

Let's see what's in my next-year-note:
  • I hope the weather would be sunny for this kind of event next year (I know I nor anybody could not control/determine that)
  • I wanted to spend more time..taking pictures, enjoying the activities and of-course the chance for a balloon ride next year.
  • Bring a real camera along with me...a DSLR maybe...( I've been saying this since last year i guess...oh geez, I miss my Olympus :(...)
  • Make sure myself hover around event area so that I won't miss other exciting activities such as the car drag and drift thing :p.
  • and....just don't missed out the excitement...that's all I guess.

Well, that was about my sharing... There was more that I felt than more than I could say. Words can't describe everything, unless you experience it yourself. I hope next year's event would be more exciting.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Contest Available in Bahasa Malaysia

LadyEthel Blog Contest juga mengalu-alukan penyertaan dalam bahasa malaysia. Sebarkan kepada rakan-rakan anda. Jangan lupa untuk menghantarkan penyertaan anda juga. 
Selamat Maju Jaya!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Introductory Blog Contest


If any of you guys remember from my previous post... I mentioned about having a blogshop of my own.. Well, it's finally launched.

As a start, I came up with a blog contest as an introductory. I am a bit excited about this, hope the contest is interesting enough for you guys.

Friends, I am looking forward for more participation from you and your friends... Help me spread news about this blog contest...and don't forget to submit your own entry too.
support please...

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Noty Sista :p

I manage to get my internet reconnected at home :p (well, panjang ceritanya..tapi abaikan la)

Then, I just skyped with my sister. She played around with her webcam stuff..and made many kinds of funny faces..which makes me ROTFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud). I got her permission to capture  and post her photos for her friends who are badly missing her here. So here's her latest photos:

Ciela the alien

Yo soy Ciela, la fea :p

kartun apa tah....

snow white ciela

Ciela Monroe

That is why I love can get connected and still can laugh together with your loved ones even though they are far away. For this time, I thank skype :D

get connected with me via skype: joethel85

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I Won't Forget

Maribelle Anes - I Wont Forget Original

You don't know what you've saved me from oh
You don't know what it's like (don't know what it's like)
You keep me stayin' on my toes oh
You understand my life (understand my life)
You help me stay the same old me
I promise I'll never change – oh yeah
Forever more it's you and me
Please stay the same

You put the smile-smile, smile-smile on my face
Just dial-dial my number in case
You know I'm always here for ya – woah
Save every-time that we are together
Stay here right now till forever
These memories will stay in my heart

'Cause you're my
Best friends
My happy ending is with you – is with you
Cause you're my
Inspiration my
No replacement
I'll save these moments forever more
I won't forget

Uh yeah your my best friends
My B F F L to the end
Yeah I know it's lame
But I care about ya
No words can explain
What I would give for ya
If I had the money I would buy you the galaxy
Bring you the moon just you happy
I'd rob every bank if I was that skilled
Where it comes to the point where I would even kill
Every day every time is a moment to look back on
Save every hour and leave the replay on
Promise me that you will never forget
And we'll do all the things that we will never forget
I know I'm the most immature non-serious
But tell me anything and I'll give you my experience
I'll keep every secret – I'll try to make you laugh
Till the very end, you all know I got your back

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hari Ini Aku......

Hari ini aku...terasa ingin merapu... maka, maaf la kawan-kawan. blog ni je la selalu jadi mangsa rapu ku. Yang sudi melayan tu..terima kasih aku ucapkan kerana sudi membaca luahan hati ini (cewahhh!). Yang rasa-rasa tak sudi nak dengar luahan tu, pembacaan anda terhenti di sini sahaja. Bagaimanapun, terima kasih kerana sudi menyinggah. Sila bertandang kembali, semoga entry yang akan datang match dengan minat anda. :p

Hari ini aku...pos blog dalam bahasa malaysia lah...tapi mungkin juga akan ada bahasa rojak di sini nanti...maklum lah...aku tengah merapu, apa-apa bahasa pun keluar. Kepada yang tak paham... tak 'yah la paham (:p bajet orang yang tak paham tu paham la apa yang aku cakap ni)

Hari ini aku...banyak sangat mengeluh... tapi actually hari-hari lain pun aku banyak mengeluh jugak. Entah la, mungkin hari ini terasa berat sangat kot...tak tertanggung, so terasa banyak dari biasa. Ada je yang rasa tak kena. Pernah tak korang rasa, lepas selamat dari satu bala ni...kena pula dengan bala lain. Tak pun, lepas tenang lepas selesai satu masalah, datang pulak lagi satu masalah.

Hari ini aku...ada banyak benda nak di rapu...tapi masa tak cukup. Aku sambung lain kali la..tu pun kalo mood semacam 'hari ini' masih ada. :p

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

OMG! Google Search going LAZY?

Owh...It's the Google Search Sloppy Twin

Enjoy the cute video

The Search Operators from Yuin Chien on Vimeo.

I tried playing around with this stuff...It's fun. You will find a site you never thought of. Well, that's the point.. kinda...I guess... The developers said, "We hope this sloppy twin helps you switch mind set from everyday web routines and open up new perspectives."

Go try it youself at

Original article What If The Google Search Was Lazy[Video]

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