Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Is It - 'RUAI ANA'

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am proud to present my new blog 'RUAI ANA' *clapping hand :p*

In my previous post, I did mentioned about my desire to have another blog which is written in my mother tongue, Iban language.... and so, here it is

Here's the screen capture of my blog.

Ruai means a public corridor, that runs the open space along the length of a Borneo longhouse. It is a place where the villagers can gather for meetings or having activities during celebrations. You can read more about long house here.

Ana is me... short form of Joanna. Some people, normally my close relatives would called me Ana. Even though sometimes my dad would call me Jo *normally when he's on 'sporting' mood*. Most people would call me Joanna, maybe because Ana seem to be general and lots of other people being called by 'ana' or 'na'.

So, basically... Ruai Ana means Ana's corridor..but I prefer it define as Ana's place to hang out :D

This is ruai of my long house.

This is some of activity that we do at ruai

That is me..and my grandma sitting at ruai...long time didn't see her..really miss her

All pics here is original. I just don't have time to edit it :p. The pics are taken during Gawai celebration year 2006.

Ok then, that's all for now... For all my Iban readers & friends, see ya at Aram ngerindang diri ba blog aku..yea..bela ngirup depan pc kena masu blog aku..hihi

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Unfriend" - word of the year 2009

Here's the news...
"Unfriend" has been named the word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary.
This news is said to have been spread by media for a week already... On my way to work this morning, the topics on is about new phase/word you want to add to the dictionary, and mention "unfriend". Then at the office, I asked from my Uncle Google and get this link (lots more actually, I just pick a few):

Next, I refer to my Granpa Dictionary online, and get this:
Unfriend means not a friend; or an enemy.
[source: and]
The word "unfriend" does not exist in some dictionary including online Oxford itself [whom declare the word of the year...or maybe they just added the words, that's why i couldn't find it].

The news ralate the word "unfriend" with social networking site such as facebook. Perhaps we can come with new definition for general social networking sites...
Social Network Sites... the place where you can friend and unfriend any people :p
Seems like our dictionary is getting thicker and flooded with words as the world&technology evolve. Some new words like twitter, twittering, sexting, intexticated, obamaian, freemium and funemployed.

Maybe if tomorrow I create new social site called Joethel it will be added to dictionary in future...then I would hear people say... "hey, let's joetheling! Joethel is fun!".... *wooing with big eyes and grin*...hahaha! *interesting* - hey I can sit next to Mark Zuckerberg and talks about business...oh, by then I'll say 'bye bye programming' haha...*yikes!...I'm daydreaming..!*

OK...I'll stop my day dream here. Need to continue my work.. :p

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fact of Life

"When life encounters troubles/difficulties...selfishness is the way to survive" - J.

Human life is always about problems... quotes by Nando Parrado, Survivor of Andes, is a great inspiration and motivation. During Youth Engagement Summit 2009 (YES2009) in PICC he says:
"When there's something wrong with your life, the universe doesn't stop. It continues, and so should you."-Nando Parrado

So, be STRONG!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Momy and Dadi coming to town....!


Finally it's November the 11th... my beloved parents and my brother are coming from Bintulu this evening at 6p.m... I can't wait to see them...!

It has been 1 and half years *or probably more* since i last met them... and now they are coming to KL to see their daughters (my sista n i ofcoz)...wiiieeeee... and~huh!what kind or working daughter am i?? erkk.... feel bad duhh...
No worries, mommy~daddi... by hook or by crook i will be back home to Bintulu this coming Christmas!

My sister will pick them up this evening and I will bring them all around KL-Selangor tomorrow and the day after...o yeah, I'm on leave for 2days...hehe...but I'm still not finish listing the Should-Go-Places in KL-S'gor...

The most precious gift to our loved ones is...TIME. show our love to them while they're still by our side

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints' Day Prayer...

All Saints Day is when the Church commemorates all saints, known and unknown. The eve of All Saints is known as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. All Saints Day is on November.

A Catholic Prayer in Praise of the Saints

How shining and splendid are your gifts, O Lord
which you give us for our eternal well-being
Your glory shines radiantly in your saints, O God
In the honour and noble victory of the martyrs.
The white-robed company follow you,
bright with their abundant faith;
They scorned the wicked words of those with this world's power.
For you they sustained fierce beatings, chains, and torments,
they were drained by cruel punishments.
They bore their holy witness to you
who were grounded deep within their hearts;
they were sustained by patience and constancy.
Endowed with your everlasting grace,
may we rejoice forever
with the martyrs in our bright fatherland.
O Christ, in your goodness,
grant to us the gracious heavenly realms of eternal life.
Unknown author, 10th century

Taken from


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