About Me

Getting to know ME

Hi all! I'm Joanna; was born on 31st July 1985 (to be exact 4 a.m ). I have 3 siblings. We were born and grown up in a simple city called Bintulu which is in Sarawak (sometimes I wonder why some people thought I'm from Sabah) . I am currently living in a busy metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur and working in Selangor.

On 2002, I received my Sacrament of Confirmation in a catholic church in Lutong, Miri. Sacrament of Confirmation is one of the 7 Catholic Sacrament that is essential to Christians. There, I registered my name Etheldreda after Saint Etheldreda in additional to my christian name which is then became Joanna Etheldreda, certified by Father Micheal Sia and Bishop Anthony.

Name History

I am so thankful my parents named me Joanna. The name Joanna origins from hebrew which means God is Gracious or Gift from God. The first occurrence of the name Saint Joanna - an associate of Mary Magdalene, brought myrrh to Christ's sepulcher and discovered the empty tomb. (Luke 24:10)
Quite a number of well-known people name Joanna - Joanna of Flanders, Joanna of Naples, Joanna of Navarre. Actress - Joanna Cameron, Joanna Garcia, Joanna Gleason. Singer - Joanna Levesque, Joanna Pacitti, Joanna MacGregor.
The name Joanna also occured in a few movies and songs like 'Joanna' by Kool and the Gang, 'Gimme hope' by Eddie Grant, 'God Bless Joanna' by Neil Sedaka also in Stephen Sondheim's musical Sweeney todd: The Demon Barber in Fleet Street. (reminds me of Johnny Depp's musical movie )
Do you know that pianos are sometimes referred to by nicknames 'The Joanna' or 'the old Joanna' ? (so when I'm getting old then I'm the piano??? )

What I like?

I love blue colors, specifically, I love almost anything  with aqua blue, sky blue or simply light blue color(Isn't the color makes you feel calm?). I like Chocolate...anything with chocolate...chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, hot chocolate , chocolate ice blend, milo... Talk about food, I'm the carnivore type of eater. It's not that I don't eat vegetables, I normally took meat more than vege :p. As for vegetables I love sweet yellow pumpkin. Some more...Tempoyak...nyummm...my favourite! What else that i like? Oh, of course everyone loves money ...what for? Shopping larr... realizing the fact that 'Money isn't everything, but everything is about money' how??? Me, a mata duitan?? haha..think what ever you like, but I won't deny it. Why would you refuse if someone wants to give you money (on some condition..have to refuse larr )

What I don't like?

Hey, hey...keep me away from the list that I mention here. I don't like the taste of taugeh. I hate to chew squid. The taste of milk (chocolate milk I will consider). Yikes! cockroach, any kind of worms(long, short big small)... something slimy, elastic and yucky. Don't ask me why I don't like all these things...I just don't like it!

[The purpose of this page is none other but a brief information that you, my friend should know about me... So that, when you met me you will know what I like and don't do what I dislike. However, this page will be updated from time to time to sync with my current progress :p. So, keep visiting ]