Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why Mother's Day?

Hey, Mother's Day is coming up...a lot of flowers, teddy bears and more other gifts will be sell every where this weekend...most of people have plans for their mother and some people might just ignore that day...some other people might not want to celebrate mother's day just because they think that
- 'Everyday is Mother's Day'...

Ok, that is good and very true...but think again ~ how special do you treat your mother everyday to appreciate everything that she had done for you ever since she knows you exist in her womb? (erm..ok, that is a very long question. sorry 'bout that)

Here's why Mother's Day...

To treat Mother more special than every ordinary day you and your mother had spent together... To thank Mother for the loves and cares she had poured to you everyday(most of times you never realize that)
Most importantly - without this Mother's Day, you will never thought of the sayings ' Everyday is Mother's Day'..right?? other wise where comes the words 'Mother's Day'..?

Who should celebrate Mother's Day and what is hidden behind the simple words - 'Happy Mother's Day, mom'
their child/children(obviously)-to show appreciation for the existence of someone to be called 'mom' whom are always willing to give her unconditional love.
the husband - to thank wife for creating and taking care of this beautiful family.
friends and relatives - to congratulate and compliment mothers/women for their responsibility towards her family.

Don't you want your mother to feel extraordinarily special at least once a year?

-to think and to write about this post, even I myself got caught in my own words as well.. Instead, I write this to remind my self how I treated my mother all this time.

I might not a good daughter, but I'm not the bad one too...
I did make some mistakes towards my mother, and I did makes her proud too...
unduly words/acts I've spoken/done
mom will always says "It's alright"
even when her heart was hurt
for this opportunity has come
Mother's Day is what I need
to make her feel appreciated
to say how I'm truly sorry
and to tell her
I love you, mommy...



Azhar85 said...

Happy Mother's Day to all of our mother...huhuhu :)

Tsar said...

Every child makes mistakes toward mother/parent. We make our mother disappointed but they will always forgive us even we didn't apologize to them.

That is the prove how strong their love to us...

Happy Mother Day to all Mother...