Monday, February 22, 2010


Potrait Photography Award
Open to all photographers
Closing Date 31st March 2010

Potrait Individual (Open)
First Prize USD$2,500 & Trophy

Potrait Story(Open)
First Prize USD$2,500 & Trophy

Finalists Exhibition at The Annexe Gallery
Kuala Lumpur

For more information, click here :

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JonyBr said...

SO you have a theme in mind? lets shoot ;)

JoEtheL said...

hurmm..not with my 3 megapixel phone camera :p...
wish i could,jony..wish i had digital camera like yours..

sunnysideup said...

hey....any idea or theme that you could suggest .... esp on the Story category !

JonyBr said...

Sunny, can I can I can I? hehehehe

JoEtheL said... told us many interesting stories during English class last time..
about your life, people's life..maybe you can use one of those stories you have.
choose one story that means something to that you think everyone should know..
the one that everyone should have a clear vision on how you feel about the story..
then, put your best effort to capture every detail of the story in one photo.

sunnysideup said...


I am stumped by your response !.... impressed by your words, and proud of the way you express it !

Indeed that would be my guide-lines.

JoEtheL said...

nahh..that's just my own thought on what photography means.. actually i wanted to explain more with some examples..but due to my limited recess time..that's the simplest way i can explain. :)
At home, I'm having a problem with my P1wimax coverage. I probably should change to streamyx.

sunnysideup said...

.and nicely explained too.

Well--- streamyx would be the lesser of two evils ! Whycan't we get good and fast connection from our service providers ???