Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Coffee Talk

This is a conversation between my mom and I during my visit to my parent's house this in the evening:

Mom: *served me a cup of drink* Here's your drink.
Me: *look at the cup and then check the time on my watch. Approx. 8.30-9.00p.m.* A coffee at this time?
Mom: It's o.k. Tomorrow is a holiday anyway.

Me is not really a coffee drinker. I drink coffee occasionally. So, for me drinking coffee after dinner means you wants to stay awake for the night.

I am the kind of person who can survive the day without a coffee. I just not addicted to the coffee-caffeine, I guess. I am more a cocoa type of person. A thick plain iced Milo is my favorite drink. Just thinking of it makes me go 'yummmm...' :p

Anyway, thanks for the holiday reminder mom.

Happy Labour Day, Malaysians!


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