Friday, December 11, 2009

Beautiful December

DECEMBER!!! It's my favorite month!!!

Christmas Celebration is just around the corner... we can see Christmas trees everywhere...with presents, ornaments, santa clause and snowman..even though we don't have snow in this country..haha..

December for me is beautiful...
Beginning from the end of November, people start setting up the trees, decorating malls and beautiful... it is the last month of every year, grown-ups start planning things for the next coming year... kids are having fun on their school holiday, looking for santa clause everywhere to get candies and presents... wow! it's the time when I always wish I can become a kid again..on December. It's like living in a world full of fantasies ~ a world with golden lights, sparkling silver snow flakes, red wrapped presents, little fairies, happiness, joys .. and everything beautiful, i just can't describe it... *batting my eyes dreamily~hoohhh*

Ok! It's 2 weeks to go before Christmas...and by this time people always talks about their wishlists for Christmas... when I was a kid, I always wish for pretty dresses, dolls and teddy bears.. while my grownup wish is simple... Money! just give me lots-a money and I will buy my own gift..haha *lol* (dasar mata duitan :p)...hehe don't get me wrong... I just don't know what to wish for...It's too many to be listed... I want everything (astaga! tamak nya ~.~') :p haha...

I know I'm a grown up now... and I'm aware that santa clause is a tale... those fake santa clause exist for kids only.. hehe.. hey! December is still my dreamy I'm free to live with my own fantasy on this month... Anyway, Christmas gift are most welcome for those who wants to give me presents *hopefully a big one :p* hhaha...

Ok then, Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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