Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Is It - 'RUAI ANA'

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am proud to present my new blog 'RUAI ANA' *clapping hand :p*

In my previous post, I did mentioned about my desire to have another blog which is written in my mother tongue, Iban language.... and so, here it is

Here's the screen capture of my blog.

Ruai means a public corridor, that runs the open space along the length of a Borneo longhouse. It is a place where the villagers can gather for meetings or having activities during celebrations. You can read more about long house here.

Ana is me... short form of Joanna. Some people, normally my close relatives would called me Ana. Even though sometimes my dad would call me Jo *normally when he's on 'sporting' mood*. Most people would call me Joanna, maybe because Ana seem to be general and lots of other people being called by 'ana' or 'na'.

So, basically... Ruai Ana means Ana's corridor..but I prefer it define as Ana's place to hang out :D

This is ruai of my long house.

This is some of activity that we do at ruai

That is me..and my grandma sitting at ruai...long time didn't see her..really miss her

All pics here is original. I just don't have time to edit it :p. The pics are taken during Gawai celebration year 2006.

Ok then, that's all for now... For all my Iban readers & friends, see ya at Aram ngerindang diri ba blog aku..yea..bela ngirup depan pc kena masu blog aku..hihi

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Azhar85 said...


but i don't understand a single words...maybe a few..huhuhu

anyway it's a nice blog...:)

JoEtheL said...

hehe..thanks azhar85..