Saturday, December 18, 2010

Henna-ing myself


Here's what I did yesterday...

Mr Moon - outer left leg

outer right leg - hmm..sorry for the mess.. my 1st  henna design :D

Ms Stary - inner left leg

inner right leg

on side of my knee - hehe..senget..

actual shape in sit position


and hey...that's me! ngeh-heh-heh..:D

Design Idea...

Mr Moon design...thanks to
Ms Stary & Heart shape is my own ad-hoc idea ...  
(sorry if it resembles your design, somehow..I have no intention to steal anyone's idea... it's just for my own designing practices..)

The outcome...  (after wash)

Left view

right view

orange...Mr Moon

orange...Ms Stary lar..newly henna supposed to be in darker color

 Note to self:
  1. Leave henna longer for a darker color
  2. Prepare a firm design before applying henna
  3. reduce movement / don't touch after applying henna - just wait till it dry completely (i guess) :p

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Gna_Eb said...

akai nya iya ngukir diri empu. ehehehe. Cool! If a lil bit dark, slightly look like tattoo. ihik.ihik.

Tiq said...

vavava! u can draw girl!!! betul..betul...sgt cool! i like!

JoEtheL said...

hehe..baka nembiak mit ngukir diri two pnya lg cool..hehe permanent