Thursday, December 30, 2010

ohh... Medicine

People said..... Laughter is the best medicine... It can heal all kind of sickness and sadness... but I think, in my case... I need medicine to make me laugh........normally.....again

need to divide the tablet into two so it become smaller and able to get through my throat :p

I hate medicine....really really hate medicine... because I can't and I really don't know how to swallow it. It always got stuck in my throat and then I would feel like to vomit...not only because of the bitter taste, it's mostly because it got stuck in my throat... I don't know why... does my throat smaller than anyone else's throat?? gosh! hate it!

As you can see from the above pictures.... well, that's my medicine...can you count how many of 'em? I need to eat all 12 of 'em every morning + 1 more big medicine every 4hours a day(need to be divided into 4  smaller pieces :p)...a really big one! (T.T')

It was my first day of consuming those medicine. I saw a pot of hot tea on our dining table. I took a glass and fill in the tea. I took out all of my medicine when grandpa came into the dining area. He  seems to knew  what was on my mind, so he warned me not to eat my medicine with the tea. With a sad face, I put down the glass of tea and took another glass of plain water. A while later, grandma came over to dining table. She told me how I should eat the medicine...and share how grandma ate her medicine. :'(

Not long after that, mom came to join us at the dining table. Looking at the glass of tea which is still near me, mom immediately warned me not to eat medicine with tea. I did not bother to ask why medicine should not be eaten with tea. I was so busy showing my sad face trying to say that I need other than plain water to finish those 12 tablets. After seeing me tortured and struggling so hard to eat my medicine with plain water...then only mom allow me make Milo to reduce the bitter taste of medicine... :p (finally)

Even with my favorite Milo, I spent more than one hour to finish my medicine (bluerkk). Each and everyone at the dining table stare at me to make sure I finish all those 12 tablets :(. I had to listen to their complaints, teased, and laughed about the way I take my medicine. (T.T)

I said to myself ~ thank goodness my sister wasn't there to witness me take my medicine...otherwise she will be rolling on the floor laughing at me...huhh..- my #1 teaser... :p

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sunnysideup said...

If its any consolation to you,,I had 7 different types of salad pills for five years, 5 types for about 3 years and now three types of salad for the 7 years or so....and those are all twice a day.... and i always take them with my tea ! heheheheeh...