Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tweet with Twerbose

Here it goes tweeples....

Twitter limits our tweet post to 140 words...yeah sometimes we have something to share (in twitter), and need to explain it in more than 140 words. is the solution.

For some users who are new to twitter or just have no idea on how to use Twerbose (probably new to Twerbose), i will just explain briefly here assuming you already have your own twitter account:

Oh yes, it is iPhone friendly...

Basic Step on How to use Twerbose (for 1st time user):
1. Go to website. [here's the link]
2. Login using your twitter account. (login link on top-right of the page).
3. It will ask for your permission to allow twerbose to connect with your twitter account ~ click allow (you don't have to do this again on your next login).
4. After login, 1 big text area will be displayed. Here is where you type your long tweet.
5. Bellow the text area, you can see how your tweet and link to twerbose will be displayed in twitter.
6. After finished, Click on "Submit this large tweet" link/button on bottom-right of the page.
7.'re done! Go check on your twitter page, you can see your long tweet. click on the link will direct viewer to your large post on Twerbose.

Oh! you can also post images and youtube video can do that in the option on top of the submit button.

You can comment on other people's masive tweets too.

Have fun!

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Rachel Kristy said...

gud..thax..yeah gurl...

JoEtheL said...

ur welcome

sunnysideup said...
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sunnysideup said...

sorry about the comment before this.... my blog has been under a new name for nearly a year now. Its ,

JoEtheL said...

noted and thanks, sunnysideup :)