Monday, June 7, 2010

Morning blues Monday....

I woke up early this morning, feeling empty...I stared at the ceiling fan, tried to follow the spinning paddles but a few minutes later, I started feeling dizzy. I closed my eyes and thought "what am i doing?~*sigh*". Slowly, I open back my eyes and get off my bed. Lazily, I walk into the living room and towards the window.

I looked through the window, stared at other people's house roof. Oh.. by the way I lived in first floor of a terrace town house in a hilly housing's kinda hard in describing my house, so I'll just stop here. Ahh, it's the blues. It always happens to me, especially after a long happy holiday with friends/family then suddenly I wake up and feeling lonely.

Here I am right now, back to this hectic city of KL...back to my working life... Again, I closed my eyes..feels like I still can hear the laugh of my little cousins..asking this and that...wanna go here, wanna go there...lets play this..lets play that... then, the faces of my family popped in my head, one by one - my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and their little ones... but when I opened my eyes, it's all gone... A sudden pain struck my heart.. ohh~ how I really missed them...

I took a deep breath...put myself back together...and said to myself... "Don't worry, will see them again soon...". Smiling, I bring myself to the bathroom and again thought to myself, "yeah...real soon.."

Time...let's fly fast... :)

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Florence M. said...

tell me about it !! :(

JoEtheL said...

about what?

sunnysideup said...

Nicely said Lady Ethel ! I use to write on the same theme--- especially the pain inside which seems to tug the very centre of your life . Just keep telling that you are here for them---that might help. Yes..I've been there before.

You're right....Time WILL fly and in no time .... you'll be home again !

Once again, inspite of everything may I compliment you on your writing..

Florence M. said...

yala..i mean aku pun sama, feeling the same kedak kau...ughhhh..