Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are you ready for HALLOWEEN?

 Hello peops... how's your halloween? Hope everyone enjoy costume party.. today I would like to share my 'so-called' creativity..(so called?? :p) HALLOWEEN THEMED nail art...

 Here's how it look on my nails

 I have spiders...

 ..and a halloween pumpkin

 here's the closer view

 I use:
  1. CP Trendies Base Coat
  2. CP Trendies Top Coat
  3. CP Trendies No.119 - Black
  4. Bloop - Orange
  5. Zhi Yan Taiwan Stripping Brush Black
  6. Nail Brush No.2


My Halloween Toe Nails

Spider webs

For my toe nails.. I use:
  1. CP Trendies Base Coat
  2. CP Trendies Top Coat
  3. MAC Nail Polish - Yellow
  4. Zhi Yan Taiwan Striping Brush - Black

Still look kinda messy...hehe...but hey,--Practise Makes Perfect

Have Fun!

p/s- Sorry for the blur image..I'm still working on my new design :D

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Endun said...

kuku oso berhalloween..eee:)..

nxt halloween la ngasuh d ngecat ke aku LOL

Tiq said...

nice! betul..betul..betul..nxt halloween baru buat baju beraneka ragam hehehe..can ask u to do our nails eheheh

JoEtheL said...


Gna_Eb said...

*loike this. :D

Rachel Kristy said...

joan!!!...paint for me oso la..

JoEtheL said...

chel...sure can..