Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One less lonely girl... An Engagement

Occasion: Joanna & Filex's Engagement Party
Location: Tanjung Kidurong, Bintulu, Sarawak
Date: 1st January 2011

Let the pictures says it all...

...During the day...
Blessings by Fr. Kevin & ring exchange...

officially engaged :D

...Evening preparation...
thanks lil' photographer, Grace Natania Princess Butterfly *as if she knew i wanted this kind of photo :p*
ermm..yes, self-prepared :D
resting myself while waiting for miss strawberry to prepare my hair

...The Night...

guest arrival

greetings by emcee

speeches from daddy...
speeches from the men's side

prayers and blessings
Cake slicing

Adegan suap menyuap..

...next is photo-taking sessions...

...and makan-makan at the same time...

...Joanna & Filex's Engagement Drinks
purpose: to get to know each and every family members and closed-family friends. so we give drinks as some sort of introductory drinks...some example words "This is my fiance...and, fiance, meet my grandpa/grandma/uncle/on mom's side/on dad's side...bla..bla..bla..(say what ever comes in mind)..so, please accept our drinks of introductory...."

then the family member would reply..."please take care of my...granddaughter/daughter/son/niece/nephew/what-so-ever...bla..bla..bla.."
(like dat lah..contoh ayat jer ni :p)

...then, the head-pening party begins....

Air kuning itu dalam diam kasi head-pening oo

My bro..conquer the karoke..xkasi can org lain langsung

para ibu..poco-ing

para granny..duduk saja

corong air kuning :p

opsies...shhhh...sikit je.. don't tell my mother :p

Ada juga yg layan sendiri air kuning..very the hebat :p..

opsie..air kuning ni bukan untuk budak yer...

head-pening suda?

poco-poco..all night long

oh yeah..karokeing

more beautiful photo's and another story versions can be found at

other photos can be found in my Facebook

enjoy! :)

P/S - If u noticed, you can hardly find my smiling-happily-ever-after-face in most of the photos. It is due to the cannot-smile-sickness I'm having since Christmas Eve. Huhu, really wish I can repeat the engagement party with my sweet-smiley face ;(

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Tiq said...

wah..sungguh meriah, saya suka !!!!
congrats once again sis!! tak sbr mau poco2 kat Bintulu nih! huhu

JoEtheL said...

thanks sistah.. i'll inform everyone once i confirm the date for the upcoming poco2..hehe

Gna_Eb said...

Sorry Joanna can't make it on your engagement day. Jeles plak I tengok all the pica. :(. Anyway, Happy for you sist. *Hugs* & really looking forward to the big day.

JoEtheL said...

ya lor sis...wish u were there too.. tp xpa..tgu panggilan next poco2..hehe


congrats! ;)

JoEtheL said...

thanks kristianne :)

iema LELA said...

joan air kuning to air aper??

sTrawBerry said...

wah vodka!mauk lagiii....hihihi