Saturday, May 31, 2008

Joethel's day out (It's Sale season!!!)

Shopping... Shopping... Shopping
That is my favorite activity...especially during sale season with lots of cute stuff with cute prices... oh,'s heaven..
Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid. For me, Sunway Pyramid is nothing. Almost every week I would visit SP 'coz my elder sister works over there. Anyway, my sister and I went there for karaoke...when we enter SP, that place looks different from its usual plain outlets with expensive items... now offers and discounts are everywhere...from 10% up to 80% discount..OMG! I have to bite my own lips to keep myself from grabbing everything..
At first, my sister and I decided to do our usual window shopping 'only'..i repeat 'only'....After a walk around the whole building, finally we ended up carrying lots of plastic bags. Fortunately, we came by public transport. If we had our own car, the boots and backseats might be full stuffed with goods, i guess...
For today, my sister and I planed to go KLCC. There's bookfest going on since last week and today is final day of bookfest. KLCC here I come...


sunnyside up said...

Hey Joethel !

Shop til you drop ya !!!.

I love shopping too--- I can lose time in Low Yat Plaza, CD shops , Hi-Fi shops, DIY shops.
Do you think this is a disease ? If it is ---I don't mind . I'm sure you don't too.

Oh yes---i have heard that '..going window shopping only..' many times from many people. But we know what we ALWAYS end up doing don't se ?

You know what , people like us are he darlng of store-owners !! heheh.

Tsar said...


i like love shopping sometimes! But i cannot go with womens!

coz it make me tired very much!

my experience prove it.


joethel said...

hehe...tsar..I don't know about man-woman shopping...cuz i dun have the experience yet...but i prefer woman-woman shopping's fun... felt very tired going out with woman cuz she's the one who's doing the shopping..and not you..but if it is you doing the shopping... I believe you will feel less tired and more happy..

just like what Mr Sunnyside said...I don't mind if being shoppaholic is a disease...cuz it makes me really happy...

In other shopping budget during sale season makes me feel soooo....depress...

Nur SyUhAdA said...

i love shopping..but only with fren