Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Unfriend" - word of the year 2009

Here's the news...
"Unfriend" has been named the word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary.
This news is said to have been spread by media for a week already... On my way to work this morning, the topics on Hitz.fm is about new phase/word you want to add to the dictionary, and mention "unfriend". Then at the office, I asked from my Uncle Google and get this link (lots more actually, I just pick a few):


Next, I refer to my Granpa Dictionary online, and get this:
Unfriend means not a friend; or an enemy.
[source: dictionary.com and thefreedictionary.com]
The word "unfriend" does not exist in some dictionary including online Oxford itself [whom declare the word of the year...or maybe they just added the words, that's why i couldn't find it].

The news ralate the word "unfriend" with social networking site such as facebook. Perhaps we can come with new definition for general social networking sites...
Social Network Sites... the place where you can friend and unfriend any people :p
Seems like our dictionary is getting thicker and flooded with words as the world&technology evolve. Some new words like twitter, twittering, sexting, intexticated, obamaian, freemium and funemployed.

Maybe if tomorrow I create new social site called Joethel it will be added to dictionary in future...then I would hear people say... "hey, let's joetheling! Joethel is fun!".... *wooing with big eyes and grin*...hahaha! *interesting* - hey I can sit next to Mark Zuckerberg and talks about business...oh, by then I'll say 'bye bye programming' haha...*yikes!...I'm daydreaming..!*

OK...I'll stop my day dream here. Need to continue my work.. :p

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Azhar85 said...

lady ethel

I wonder what is the meaning of joethling...

words...what a weapon of men...combine with mind..it make a good offense & defense..

just a piece of my mind...anyway lets joethling..(sound weird..)..huhuhu

JoEtheL said...

hehe...azhar..you are joetheling now..

visiting, reading, commenting at http://joethel.blogspot.com is called joetheling

*wink wink*

haha...surely sounds weird...