Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Change

1. Social Network
I have deactivated my Facebook account.... againnnn... why? - no reason... just want to get away... when will I get back? - I don't think I'm going to reactivate it again this near time... just don't look for me in FB ok.. However, I'm still updating my dailybooth...although I'm not updating it daily, it's just a right place for a cam-whore like me :p... it's a twiter-like micro-blogging social network site...more on photo-blogging...whatever...I don't have many friends there..why don't you join me? ngehehe :p

2. Job
It has been 6 days already, I have submitted my resignation letter..I feel relieved actually. I have been planning to change my job since 2009??? well, I did try to resigned before, but I don't really have a good reason to leave my current company. I did not leave after they have encountered me with $$$ :p...ada mcm mata duitan punya orang tak? ($_$)
That's not going to happen this year. Well, I told everyone, my reason for leaving the company is to get married. huhh..??? Which is actually not true (shhhh.....!!) In this case, my employer will not be able to encountered me with $$$ again :p.
But the bad news is.... I haven't got any replacement job yet... not even started applying for one either..duhhh!!! (huh! belani mati punya olang) Should start job-hunting real soon!
Actually, my mum wanted me and my fiance to go back and find a job in Sarawak..but, my fiance too going to change his job soon...from shift job to a normal working hour job.. while me, not-a-PJJ-kind of person need to stay near with him, going back-working in hometown is still not in plan yet..ngeheheh

3. Baby Connie
I was known as a speeding and also reckless driver on road..but, actually, I'm not if compared to other much reckless driver. :p..well, I admit I did so many bad things to my baby, Connie. I bump into holes,  went contravening the road beam/divider (what ever you call that). As the result, baby Connie lost 2 rim cover. :p... I remember, last year I made baby Connie kiss other people's car on the butt, I've been driving more carefully since then. Still, I'm driving too fast...I think. What ever it is..I decided to change. I  am going to drive slowly and carefully. This will also help reduce fuel consumption which is good since fuel price becoming more  and more expensive nowadays.
Last year, baby Connie has a sister...err, Black Beauty?? well, since black beauty has been transferred with it's owner back to Sarawak...little baby Connie alone will have to transport my families(including future in laws) whenever they came to visit. My mom suggest me to upgrade baby Connie to a bigger type that can accommodate more people and her suggestion is the new Saga FL. Since, I'm quitting job...I think this  change need to hold on for a while. Besides, I'm not ready to give away my first car..I have so many precious moments with baby Connie.

4. Myself
One most important change that I need to do is myself. A lot of things about myself that I need to change. Self-improvement.....

Just like the Butterfly,
I have the Strength and Hope to Believe 
In time, 
I will emerge from the cocoon. 

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1 comment:

Tiq said...

Hey Sis..sorry I was away from the computer these few days.. tok pun curi2 since bapak is sleeping now so curi tulang lok. hehe
Woo..that's a drastic change my dear but whatever your decision is, I got your back. I might not understand what's going on right now but I hope everything will be up and run smoothly. Start the job-hunt now ok. Rezeki ada di mana-mana.

Take care sis