Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fixing A Broken Heart

Left alone at home last night... without a thing to do... the TV is on, but nothing interest me ... I opened my laptop, tried to continue my work... D*** H***!!! I cannot concentrate on that either.

Alone... alone... alone... I hate this feeling... It makes me started thinking about so many things... even the stupidest thing in the world a person could've ever thought.... :'(

It has been 5 nights in a row... I cried myself 'til sleep... This guilt... It's haunting my mind... I can't stop thinking about what had happened. Blame it on me! Blame it on me!.... d***! now the Akon's song came on my mind...
"...If I can't apologize for being wrong
Then it's just a shame on me
I am the reason for your pain
You can put the blame on me..."

As I was about to sleep... you text me. Saying that you were thinking about the same thing, and it's bugging you... I am so sorry.... blame it on me! blame it on me!... These tears of guilt keep pouring and pouring... This heart full of fears keep screaming... it wonders, when will this pain ends... it hurts for cause this heart has gave you pain... I'm sorry...

I'm asking for a second chance..dear, give me time... to fix all the mess I've made... I know that I can't turn back the time... It's gonna be hard for us to pass through this pain... Although I know, life will never be the same again...just give me the chance to lead us back to the path we've made...the path that I almost destroyed.

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Tiq said...

It is never easy to share your feelings here especially when you have to do it publicly but you really have the courage sis. I can feel your sincerity. And I can sense your honesty.

Start anew and take this as a valuable lesson for both of you.

Love you sis. Take care.

JoEtheL said...

I admit it was my mistake. If i don't do it publicly, no one knows it was my mistake and if anything happens he's the one who's gonna get the blame from everyone else. I don't want that to happen.

I am really sorry... I have failed everyone's expectations. I will clean up all the mess.