Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm dumbemployed??

Thursday - October 8, 2009... This lately, I seems to be lacking my spirit to work.. always complaining... and got bored easily... oh yea, I'm bored of doing and the same thing since 8 month ago..keep changing and reworking on the same sign to end in this short period of time..

Last week, if I'm not mistaken.. a lady *whom i dont really know* from tweeter share a website that she thought funny..and yeah, something really fun to read:

RT @suenami3: @JoanEtheL lmao hah - you will prob find this pretty funny as well...

~ - The job you love to hate.

What Is Dumbemployed?

We all have jobs (well, some of us do). And unfortunately, some of those jobs are pretty dumb. If you have to put up with idiotic bosses, clueless customers, morons for coworkers, and just plain annoying, weird, and freaky work, welcome to the club. You're dumbemployed.

Dumbemployed is the place where you can share your story. You can read and submit short stories about your hilarious (and painful) dumbemployment. Stories start with "At work today," and conclude with, "I'm dumbemployed." Because let's face it- you are.

What's The Inspiration Behind Dumbemployed?

We're inspired by a lot of things here at bosses with bad breath, The Office UK, chairs with squeaky legs, coffee stains on your teeth, The Office American version, hot coworkers, angry janitors,, stealing office supplies and, of course, The Office Germany, which we've never seen, but are pretty sure is amazing. And German. And stuff.

- from

Fun to read though. Thought of sharing mine too:

~ At work today, it is my first time wearing baju kurung to work and my everyone looks at me with 'wah' expression as if I'm a new girl in the office. I'm dumbemployed. ~ O.o'



JonyBr said...

Okay we want a pic in Baju Kurung *snooty*

or even better, lets go take some photos with D90 ;) hehehe

JoEtheL said...

aha - if u remember jonybr, i always wore baju kurung to ur class.. u missed that chance to take pics of me wearing baju kurung... ;p

my colleagues already took photos of me with urm-dunno-what-brand digital cam :)). will get a copy of those photos soon as he transferred it to pc. :))

JonyBr said...

that time i didnt had DSLR la :p