Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Invitation to Ladies Gathering

Received this invitation from all-girls-chained-email about two weeks ago. Then, for the whole week before the meet-up, we're all so excited and keep tweeting about this gathering ~ reminds and can't wait to meet each other..

Copied from original e-mail message by miss Gna Ebie

HI Ladies,

You’re cordially invited to meet up; mini gathering & roaming at Putrajaya. & of course strictly to the beautiful ladies ONLY. No handsome guys allowed!!. (*grinned) & theme of the day is WHITE.

Venue: Putrajaya Lake

Date: 11-Oct-2009/Sunday

Time: 4.00pm

Activities for the day, having a pleasant evening with beautiful ladies who’re attending the evening event; High tea, chit chat tanya khbar. Don’t forget to mentioned taking photo with beautiful scenery is a must. Get yourself dress pretty for the day. Ihik..ihik..Please bring your camera along.

Cheers! Yg menurut perintah. Don’t hesitate to contact undersigned. :P Through email yerr. J

Gna Ebie.



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