Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Plan for Lady Ethel

Wednesday - October 7, 2009... another bored day at the office... so i stole a lil'bit of my working time to blog.. :)

It has been a long time I've been using this diary theme on Lady Ethel...I had a thought of changing the look of Lady Ethel since few months ago...but i'm so in love with this design and feel so dear to discard it... ermm...what should i do..? I'm so eager to try out other beautiful themes...

besides that i decided to create another blog with my mother tongue ~ iban.. since there are lots of iban bloggers...and most of them are interesting to read with words that I, myself wouldn't thought of..*(~.~') im not good in any language - english, malay..even my own mother embarrassing*..therefore, i wanna join them blog in iban too... the problem is...i'm not sure if i had time to update all blogs...even Lady Ethel is seldom updated..

decision...decision...decision... *sigh*



JonyBr said...

ing a decision is the easy part, fulfilling is the difficult one :p
i know how u feel, u know that i cant even understand my own language? talking about embarrassment hehehhe
good luck with ur new blog, if u decide to start it

JoEtheL said...

Thanks jonybr :)