Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reblog: Hello World, I Love You

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This was posted about a month ago... hope it is not too late to continue this...
we girls planned to do this during our ladies gathering@putrajaya this weekend.. with our white theme ^_^ can't wait to be an angel meeting the other pretty angels... *jump in excitement*


Hello World, I Love You from Tyler Knott Gregson on Vimeo.

Ok all of you amazing people out there, I need your help! I have this idea that I want to put together a video of as many people, in as many different languages as possible, saying “Hello World, I Love You.” So I need your help! If you can record video, please do it, if all you can do is record the sounds, that is fine too just send a photo with it, but I need your help, here’s how:

Please record a video or soundclip of you telling me anything you feel like telling me, I won’t include that in the video but I’d love to just hear from you too, but at the very end, if you could just record yourself saying “Hello World, I Love You,” in whatever languages you know how to speak, I would appreciate it more than I can express. I want to take all the video and sound clips and put them together with as many languages as possible and put them into one video, with all of US saying something so positive and unifying.

I need our help, so please, click the link above which will open up an email to me, or email me at: tylergregson(at)gmail(dot)com and just tell me what language you’re saying it in. “Hello World, I Love You.” Again, feel free to tell me anything else, I just want to hear all your voices.

Thanks and reblog away to spread the word!!


JonyBr said...

can i be the official photographer? :p

JoEtheL said...

It's ladies gathering... no guys allowed... we already have lady photographer hehe :D

JonyBr said...

Bhaaaaaaaa *snooty*