Monday, August 23, 2010

I Love Malaysia


Today is 23rd day in the month of August in year 2010 :) ... 8 more days to go for us, Malaysians to celebrate National Day... Do you have the Merdeka spirit already? oh hey, isn't it gonna be a holiday this coming Friday? Nuzul Al-quran falls on 27th Aug 2010 if I'm not mistaken. However, My company haven't announce holiday for nuzul al-quran yet *waiting with full of hope :")*....

For sure, Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday has been announce by my company...which falls on 10th&11th September 2010. Office will only be closed on Friday...So, for those who wants to celebrate Hari Raya longer, they will have to apply for leave...and as for me, work day..only off on 10th *ofcourse i'm saving my holiday for Christmas...can't wait to go home :')* ..Paksa diri kerja walaupun semangat raya jugak...

Another more holiday on 16th September - 1Malaysia Day, which falls on Thursday after Raya weekend *wohh...on - off - on - off je keja... (-.-')..bimbang xda semangat kerja memandangkan org lain bercuti..huhu* ...Hey, I know everyone has their own plan for holiday already...Me? huh.. Not planning anything..yet :'( friends, don't forget me during this coming holiday, ok...

Initially, I wanted to add 1Malaysia image from google search, but worried of copyrighted images issues so I simply write *refer above* with Malaysia flag color (^_^')

I LOVE MALAYSIA... because we have so many holidays... *country with the most holidays, I think*...why? because...We are Multi-cultured people and we are 1(one) in this country... peace!

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Florence M. said...

kamu pakai kan bb connie baju gemilang tak? hehehe

JoEtheL said... bb connie sudah gemilang kaler biru...tompok putih n kuning dari bahan buangan burung :p
merah...emm..lampu break merah ada..hihi...

JoEtheL said... jak post...sudah kuar memo cuti 27&31 Aug