Thursday, August 26, 2010


 Yahoo...weekend will begin today at 5 in the evening...woottt woottt!
Tomorrow will be a holiday after Nuzul Al-quran
so, office will be close
I plan to go off early this evening to enjoy my peaceful and restful holiday

My holiday plan?? Dunno yet...but as I have mentioned it will be very restful and peaceful...hopefully
*finger crossed*

Wishing everyone who will be having holiday tomorrow...a joyful and fun holiday!!!

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sunnysideup said...

No wonder it was an easy drive to work this morning....gueaa no holidays in KL..

JoEtheL said...

haha yes..
wait till the selangorians wake up...then KL will be very busy. some would name today an end-month-shopping-in-KL-day!

sunnysideup said...

u r sooooo right.... what a mess....even in wangsa maju !!!!