Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcoming September

Hullo September...first entry for the month

Time flies really fast...It feels as if I just celebrated my birthday yesterday...but whoopsss...a month has passes by...With lots of plans ahead, I think I need to run fast just like the time work-outs...diets and everything...gosh! nothing change...I still look n weight the same! *blame it on me..I don't really control my appetite (-.-') *

Last month, my friends had this ... sort of 'murah rezeki' era :p *dunno how to explain it with further detail*. So, they blanja makan. Let photo explain my not-working-out-diet :p

Kenny Rogers, Leisure Mall

Cik Endun's Birthday @ KFC, Subang Parade

Korea BBQ & Steamboat, Ampang

Lot10 Food Court

Merdeka Home BBQ

P/S - I Love MAKAN-MAKAN (-.-')

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Florence Tiq said...

yeay very the meriah gitew

JoEtheL said...

hoho...makan! makan! makan!

Endun said...

yommehhhhhhhhhh :)