Friday, September 10, 2010

Events in KL

Selamat Hari Raya.

Yesterday, my company only opens halfday in the morning so that anyone who wants to balik kampung manage to arrive kampung early malam raya *so caring la u, bos*. As for me who is not going anywhere, yesterday evening was one very bored evening. Being at home alone while everyone else still working, totally bored. So today, I decided to look for any events happening before I die of boredom :p. 

Here's what I found:


  1. Resident Evil: Afterlife (3D available)
  2. Piranha
  3. Step Up 3 (3D available)
  4. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (3D available)
  5. King Of Fighters
  6. Going The Distance
  7. Grown ups
  8. 4 Madu
  9. Senario Asam Gara

1. Hari Raya Photography Festival by Nikon (Exibition, workshop, promotions)
    Menara PKNS, Petaling Jaya
    16 Aug - 15 Sept 2010
    10 am - 10 pm
    More info, contact Ms Emily: 03 7809 3688 or visit

2. Pudu Art Fest (Art, Exibition, Contest, Performances, Classic Movie Screening)
    11 - 25 Sept 2010
    More info, email or visit

3. Homart Baazar (Food)
    Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang
    11-12 Sept 2010
    10 am -8 pm
    More info, call 012 6614189 or email
4. Sheila Majid Live (Performance)
    Centre Court, Level 2, Pavilion KL
    12 Sept 2010
    5 pm - 7.30 pm

5. Lawuita The Musical (Theatre)
    Pentas 1, KLPac
    10 - 11 Sept 2010
    More info, call 03-40479000 or visit

6. Let There Be Light (Photography Exibition)
    Pentas 2 Foyer, KLPac, Sentul Park
    1 Sept - 3 Oct 2010
    More info, visit

These are all the events that I know, so far.

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Endun said...

Mesti tonton Going The distance..thumbs up!!Yawww