Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy day

Be happy everyday!

Hey, I woke up early today...with full of enthusiasm. A good sign for me. *thinking* Maybe I should learn to wake up earlier and begin my day with a morning jog everyday...hmmm....

Feel good to wake up early, I enjoyed my lite and relax breakfast with milo and crackers while watching the morning TV show. The TLC channel was showing Man vs Food....dem! Adam Richman really makes me drool of pizza and burger. The show reminded me the sweetness of char siew pizza I ate in Lot10 few days ago and the pork burger I that planned to eat next time.

OH FOOD!!!....PLEASE.....I can't resist!!!!

Arrived at the office on time only to realize my bos went outstation today. Feeling happier, I open the browser and saw something that makes my enthusiasm to blog even more higher. What a sweet day...I hope it will last until I went off to bed tonight...and hoping that tomorrow will be happier than today.

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