Thursday, September 23, 2010

Instant Giveaways for My Fabulous Readers

This is a special post dedicated to:
  1. Miss Endun
  2. Miss Titiq
  3. Indai Dara
  4. Miss Gna
  5. Puan Mavis
(yg lain jgn berkecil hati...akan ada untuk ada di masa lain *wink2* ~ 'actually nih utk org yg senang aku lawat sbnrnya :p')

You Are So Special

JoEtheL is giving away instant free gift to these 'lucky' followers of Lady EtheL Blog

Today's gift is....

and will be delivered to your doorstep TONIGHT!
All you have to do is....
Post a blog entry about kerang with blog post title "How I  Love to Eat Free Kerang"... 
*seronok plak buat contest cemgini...siap la korang slalu main tag dgn aku...hikhikhik*

Blog entry must be post TODAY! :p Offer only valid today..23 Sept 2010

Easy right? Post a blog entry...and wait for my knock at your door...*tp kerang kena masak sendiri la yea :p*

Invite your friends to follow Lady EtheL Blog to win more Gift/Giveaway from this-so-very-kind JoEtheL :D

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Florence Tiq said...

omagawd i love kerang !! ok im in ! hahahah..wait for my post ! hahahaha

Florence Tiq said...

JoEtheL said...

very good...

mana lg yg lain2...kerang still available :D

Gna_Eb said...

Ops! So sori I don't eat kerang. Share who ever want it.

Florence Tiq said...

licin sudah mlm tadi burppppppppp hehe