Sunday, September 5, 2010


Don't be shocked...haha! For a start, I went for a walk this morning. I don't want my body to have a cramp for starting to jog after a long pause from exercising. It was a damp morning, I began my morning walk from home to a playground nearby my house. The playground was empty. I walked around the playground one time and swinging my arms before heading back home. Guess what? even the simple walk makes me feel energized.

The idea of jogging reminded me of my dad. Daddy will always find his time to jog after work almost everyday, or at least every other day. I remembered when me and my siblings were just a kid, daddy always brought us jogged along the beach. Me and my sibling don't really had the proper shoes for jogging actually, but we always love to join daddy 'bobo' (which, for some kids, means going out somewhere - it probably derived from the sound of vehicles 'vroooomvrommomm') for fun, so a pair of sandals would do for us.

One evening, we went out (we would berlari anak while daddy jogged) to the beach which was just nearby our home. We had to went though a little bushy and sandy area before stepping on the beach. That one evening was a little unfortunate because we encountered one dangerous sand, a quicksand. My little brother was ahead among us, followed by me. So, he's the first one who stepped onto the sand. Daddy manage to pull my brother before he really got sucked but left his sandals in the middle of the sand. Me, not knowing about the danger, tired to be the hero by saving his sandal. Daddy warned me not to step onto the sand, but the heroic thought of me seems to ignore daddy's warning. Hey, I manage to save one of my brother's sandal, while the other pair was pulled by daddy with a stick. At the same time, my leg got sucked a few inches in, then, only I realize myself was in danger. The more I struggle to pull my leg out of the sand, the more I got sucked into. Daddy quickly pulled me out and I was saved...but unfortunately, my sandals were sucked into the sand and unable to be seen or saved.

Growing up, I heard many life has been taken by quicksand, including my kid-time-playground-friend. A fright strike through me every time I remembered about the incident. I wonder if it was the same quicksand, at the same location, that we encountered when I was a kid. What would happened if I hang out with a bunch of naughty kids when I was little, and then, had to encounter those deadly sand? And I wonder, if daddy wasn't there during the incident, will I still be here today?

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Endun said...

:)..okay lah tu,jln dulu hihi

Florence Tiq said...

that's a good start !!! bravo !!

sunnysideup said...

i enjoyed reading that....and i thought quicksand can only be found in foreign land and movies....

JoEtheL said...

endun & tiq - *clap clap clap* wooots! tiq, blog br or change url? :D

sunnysideup - it's different from the one we usually saw in movies. in movies, the quicksand looks muddy, dark brown in color, and normally found in middle of jungle..but this one looks like the ordinary beach sand. you can't really differentiate it's the beach sand or the quicksand(from what i remembered lah) :)