Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Saturday TV

Gosh, this lately I kinda watch a lot of food and cooking channel. Seems to be my Saturday must watch channel especially in the morning. Food....yummy... This morning, I watch Rachell Allen Bake in TLC and gosh...the kitchen is so big and beautiful. I took a quick glimpse at our small kitchen just a few steps away from where I sit right now...small sigh came out along with my breath. I started my day dream. How I wish I have my own big and spacey white kitchen. I can see myself baking cakes, cupcakes and cookies with my big oven :p..ha-ha *talking like I'm a great cooker...which I, myself knew I'm not :p*. Cook with a smile, eat my own cooking with a smile, and day dreaming in the kitchen with a smile...just like Nigella Lawson in her shows.

Dream Kitchen

Thanks to google search for the images ;)

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Endun said...

yawwwww i like pic no 1..hali hali lajin di dapur hahah

JoEtheL said...

hari2 senyum mcm nigella..haha